We offer a wide range of services to help make the balance between work and childcare that bit easier. You can book your child in to what ever service best suits your needs or, you can sign up to all of them. Take out a Monday-Friday contract and make savings of up to £500, we’re completely flexible! (Contact us for prices)

Breakfast Club:

Say goodbye to stressful mornings with our breakfast club service!

Running from 7:30-9:00am. Your child will benefit from having a healthy breakfast including; toast, cereal, fruit and a choice of milk, fresh fruit juice or a Hot Drink if they want (served up to 8:15am so be sure to arrive before then). After which the children brush their teeth and we wake ourselves up with some fun and active team games! We also offer some quiet board games and toys for the sleepy heads.

At 8:30 your child will be driven by bus and escorted to their school by one of our superb staff, where they will remain with your child until they head in to class.

After School Care:

This is where the magic happens. We will collect children at the end of the school day, where you can collect them at any time up until 6:00pm, We will take them to the Forest setting, on the way reminding them of the safety rules while in the woodland environment.

When we arrive, the children will exit the bus and head straight into the Forest where they will go to one of the changing areas, based on suit size, and they will be given a waterproof bag, this will ensure their school bags, shoes and indoor jackets and lunch bags are protected from the elements., They will be given protective clothing to ensure they keep their indoor clothes clean as well as boots, socks, if necessary, t-shirts and fleeces are also available.

Once they are changed and placed all their stuff away safely its over to the fire circle for a healthy snack. After a light discussion on what’s happening that day the children are allowed to go off and develop a range of skills through play.

At this point your child gets to take part in a range of activities from, tree climbing, finger knitting, fire making, rope swinging, and most importantly exploring!

During this time the fire will be put on where your child can go over and heat hotdog, s’mores or any other number of things, with a little supervision of course.

At 5:00pm we start to tidy up, come back to the fire circle to reflect on the day and then its changed, back on the bus and back to base for 5:30pm.


All the best bits rolled into one. During a number of holidays and in-service days we open the doors from 7:30 in the morning all the way to 6:00 in the evening.

We meet at the base and then around 10:00am we get our suits on and head to the Forest, where your child will take part in a range of fun activities, including team games, whittling, tool use, climbing, swings, shelter building and so much more. Imagine after care, times ten!

During play scheme all children will bring their own pack lunch which should consist of a good balance between healthy and unhealthy foods as well as two bottles of water so that they can keep hydrated.

Come 5:00pm we pack up and head back to the centre where the children will be able to relax and chill out after and active 7 hours of outdoor activity and play.

P1 Club:

Your wee one just starting school? Then this might be for you.

In the first few weeks of primary 1 the school day finishes at 12:00pm and its not always easy to get away from work, well thanks to our P1 Club, that problem, is no more. We will collect your child from school at 12:00 and head to base by bus, where they can enjoy their packed lunch and talk about how their day has been.

Once fed and ready we will head up to the woods where they will take part in the aftercare service, joining in with the other children, from their school and others taking part in the range of activities and experiences of Forest School.

The kids having fun outdoors